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High-Tech Fabric

Built with custom-made double-layered UPF 50+ fabric, the Riff Mask is lightweight, breathable and completely blocks harmful UV rays.

Air Ventilation system

Fresh air passes through the Riff Mask at three moldable openings, keeping the wearer cool even in low-wind conditions. 

Tightening Bungee System

Side and back bungees in the Riff Mask allow for loosening and tightening of the mask's fit for increased security in high wind or at speed and a completely customizable fit. 

Full-Coverage design

The Riff Mask's unique design protects all of the head, face and neck, leaving no skin exposed to the elements without clinging or overheating.

Glare guard

Bendable nose guard blocks light from entering under sunglasses, improving vision on water and effectively stopping lens fogging.

Removable face guard

Secured by two rare earth magnet clasps, the Riff Mask's face guard can easily be applied and removed one-handed for easy access to the face; face guard can be secured back. 



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OUR mission

For us, "Life In The Sun" is much more than just a tagline: it's a philosophy. It represents a way of life for everyone who works and plays outdoors. But harsh conditions and demanding environments can be tough on those who pursue it, and standard sun protection of the past has always been full of compromises. 

Our goal was to create a sun mask that was comfortable, practical and effective, ensuring safety and peace of mind for those who work and play outdoors and wouldn't have it any other way. The Riff Mask is the result of that endeavor: a sun mask that combines unparalleled protection with unique features and unmatched functionality to make life in the sun safer and more enjoyable. We truly believe the Riff Mask can change the lives of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts for the better, and we're so excited to share it with you.



"No fogging glasses. No exposed skin. The ultimate in sun protection."

Steve Huff

Steve Huff
Fishing Guide

"The Riff Mask makes fishing in the sun and elements worry-free again."

Customer image

Marshall Cutchin
Publisher, midcurrent 

"My Riff Mask is an essential piece of gear that is always with me."

Customer image

Patrick Owen
Fishing Guide

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