Riff Masks

Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear
Riff Headgear

Riff Headgear

  • Forest Camo
  • Desert Camo
  • Blue Camo
  • Riff Gray


Riff Headgear brings unmatched comfort and functionality to all your outdoor activities. Crafted from innovative ultralight double-layered UPF 50+ fabric, Riff Headgear offers exceptional breathability while shielding your head from the sun's damaging rays. Its technical two-piece design ensures easy all-day wear, providing you with unparalleled comfort and protection from the elements. Riff Headgear is perfect for every season, environment and outdoor pursuit. 


Riff Headgear is designed for all those who work and play outdoors. Enjoy exceptional protection from the elements in a comfortable, full-coverage hood that you can leave on all day long.
  • Ultralight UPF 30+ Fabric protects against harmful UV rays, wind, rain and bugs 
  • Polyfiber Outer Layer blocks the Elements 
  • Mesh Interior Layer keeps wearer Cool & Comfortable 
  • Face Shield secured by four 
  • Rare Earth Magnet Snaps Glare Guard cuts surface glare and eliminates sunglass lens fogging 
  •  D-Ring Clips keep tools & accessories conveniently close at hand 
  • Cool Vents allow airflow through the Riff, even in low-wind conditions 
  • Rigid Brim can be worn with or without a hat 
  • Internal Bungee System allows for a customizable fit, even in high wind

Size & Fit

Measure around the forehead above the eyebrows with a soft tape 

 Small                        19"-21" 
 Medium                    21"-23" 
 Large                        23"-25"


  • Material: Double-Layered Poly Blend 
  • UPF Factor: UPF 30+ 
  • Weight: 8 oz 
  • Clasps: Rare Earth Magnets 
  • Size & Fit: Internal Bungee System 
  • Care: Machine Wash; Hang Dry

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