Riff Masks

Marshall Cutchin

Marshall Cutchin

  • Occupation: Currently a Publisher at MidCurrent and Former Fishing Guide
  • Residence: Fort Collins, CO
  • Experience: 35 years

Marshall Cutchin spent 11 years as a fishing guide in Key West, Fl, guiding as many as 300 days per year, including top anglers and tournament-winning teams. In 2004, Marshall founded the online fly fishing magazine MidCurrent, of which he has been the publisher for 16 years. Marshall was also at the forefront of sun mask use, helping popularize the use of masks among guides and anglers and providing feedback to Patagonia, Simms, Buff and other brands that led to the widespread adoption of masks in the sport. 

 "The Riff Mask makes fishing in the sun and elements worry-free again.” 

"One of my motivations for using a mask and helping others discover the benefits was recognizing the negatives of using sunscreen: it got on my gear, on my flies, in my eyes, and with constant use was forcing my skin to absorb chemicals that I believed were unhealthy.  Plus sunscreen was only partially effective, and only when applied repeatedly. The Riff Mask is the first mask that fits comfortably over my head and face and guarantees full coverage without interfering with and fogging up my sunglasses. It's so lightweight that it's easy to forget you are wearing it, and it is foolproof when it comes to coverage.  If find that when I am wearing the Riff Mask instead of sunscreen, I have more energy and better focus throughout the day. Riff Masks has put so much thought into comfort, breathability and fit that it’s almost impossible to find fault in their new masks. No more tight-fitting elastic compressing your nose, riding up your neck and fogging your glasses. The Riff Mask makes fishing in the sun and elements worry-free again." ~Marshall Cutchin
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