Riff Masks

Steve Huff

Steve Huff

  • Occupation: Professional Angler & Guide
  • Residence: Miami, FL.
  • Experience: 52 years as a fishing guide in South Florida

Routinely referred to as the greatest fishing guide in the world, Steve Huff is a man who needs no introduction — and the attempt to make one will always fall short. Steve is a legend of the fishing world: an innovator and stalwart guardian of the fly fishing tradition who has been guiding in South Florida for 52 years. Born in Miami, Steve Huff began guiding in the Florida Keys in 1968, and has since guided some of the world’s best anglers to record-breaking catches, championships in South Florida’s most prestigious fishing tournaments and countless big fish on the fly. Steve Huff is also one of the great innovators in sun protection, adopting the use of sun masks long before they were in general use.

“No fogging glasses. No exposed skin. The ultimate in sun protection.”

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