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Inspired by a life in the sun

With over 25 years of personal experience as a fishing guide in Montana and Florida, Austin Lowder has spent thousands of days exposed to a diverse range of elements. Tom McGuane’s article in the July 2004 issue of Sports Illustrated captured Austin’s relentless spirit, depicting a sight-fishing master who braves the elements when many would simply choose to stay home. But years of exposure to the sun and elements took a toll on Austin’s skin and health. Frequent trips to his dermatologist are now a necessary part of life. Trying every conventional sun protection available, Austin realized all these products were full of compromises: in various combinations, his face and neck were still exposed to UV rays, biting insects and harsh winds, compounded by generally impractical and uncomfortable designs. When it was clear a well-designed sun mask capable of combating harmful sun exposure in a functional and comfortable design did not exist, Austin set out to make one himself - and the Riff Mask was born. 

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Shaped By Authentic innovation 

They say if there's something you want and no one makes it, you must make it yourself. The Riff Mask is perfect for the outdoors, because it's made by a team who spend their lives outdoors. At Riff, our team is made up of anglers, fishing guides and outdoor professionals. We wear the Riff Mask every time we're out in the sun: that's why we're so confident in the Riff's potential to change the way people work and play outdoors. The Riff has been tested and proven in a wide range of conditions across the country by benefit of being the sun mask we wear and trust completely to keep ourselves safe. Every new feature and innovation is inspired by our experience in the Riff Mask, and the experiences of fishing guides, anglers and other professionals who need the Riff to keep themselves protected day in and day out. Those experiences will continue to fuel our innovative spirit and bring revolutionary new products to outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. We've only just begun. 

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Our mission

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Driven By genuine purpose

For us, “Life In The Sun” is much more than just a tagline: it’s a philosophy. It represents a way of life for everyone who works and plays outdoors. Our mission is to ensure safety and peace of mind for those who work and play outdoors and wouldn’t have it any other way. The Riff Mask truly is the result of that endeavor: a sun mask that combines unparalleled protection with unique features and unmatched functionality to make life in the sun safer and more enjoyable. With the Riff, anyone who spends extended time outdoors can safely enjoy working and playing in both everyday and extreme conditions without sacrificing their health, their overall comfort or time spent applying sunscreen and still getting burned. In the Riff, we feel better during the day and after, with reduced dehydration, sun fatigue and no sunburn on the face and neck. We truly believe the Riff Mask can change the lives of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts for the better, and we’re so excited to share it with you. 

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