Riff Masks



With over 25 years of personal experience as a fishing guide in Montana and Florida, Captain Austin Lowder has spent thousands of days exposed to a diverse range of elements. But years of exposure to the sun and elements took a toll on his skin and overall health. Trying every conventional sun protection available, Austin realized all these products were full of compromises: in various combinations, his face and neck were still exposed to UV rays, biting insects and harsh winds, compounded by generally impractical and uncomfortable designs. When it was clear a sun mask that could protect and function comfortably all day long did not exist, Austin set out to make his own. 

The Riff Mask is perfect for the outdoors, because it's made by a team who spend their lives outdoors. We wear the Riff Mask every day: that's why we're so confident in the Riff's potential to change the way people work and play outdoors. Every design and innovation is inspired by our experiences and those of fishing guides, anglers and outdoor professionals who spend their lives in the most extreme conditions. We believe that great gear shouldn't just protect you: it should make your life better. 

Follow Life in the Sun! 

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