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Riff Masks began out of necessity in 2018 when professional fishing guide Austin Lowder designed a prototype sun hood to help protect his face and neck from harsh UV rays. With over 25 years of personal experience guiding in Montana and Florida, Austin spent thousands of days in a diverse range of elements, and those years of exposure to the sun took a damaging toll on his skin. After discussing the compromises of conventional sun protection with industry leaders and colleagues, it was clear that a well-designed sun mask capable of combating harmful sun exposure in a functional and comfortable way was just what the world needed. The developmental Riff Mask was formally introduced to the world in 2020 to strong initial support, followed by the Riff Mask II in the spring of 2021.

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OUR mission

For us, like many others, "Life In The Sun" is a way of living. It represents all of us who spend their days working and playing outdoors, and wouldn't have it any other way. Riff Masks was inspired by our experiences, by our passions, and by the one thing you can't live without: the health and safety of those who live life in the sun.

At Riff, we believe the right sun mask can save lives, protect the planet and make life in the sun even better. We want to ensure safety and peace of mind for outdoor enthusiasts and workers, so they can do what they love for years to come. We are committed to these goals, and everything we've done so far - and everything we will do in the future - are built around a safer, healthier and more sustainable life outside. We built Riff Masks to be the culmination of these pursuits: we think it can change lives, and we are so excited to share it with you. 

The Riff Mask II

The Riff Mask is a revolutionary two-piece, technical sun hood designed for those who work and play outdoors. Featuring custom ultra-lightweight double-layered UPF 50+ fabric for unparalleled sun protection, a host of unique features, and superior comfort possible thanks to novel technical designs like the three-way airflow system and built-in glare guard, the Riff Mask is perfect for any outdoor pursuit. Experience the evolution of sun protection and Battle The Elements in a Riff Mask.

  • Ultralight UPF 50+ Fabric
  • Full Coverage Design
  • Removable Face Guard
  • Rare Earth Magnet Clasps
  • Versatile Lapel
  • Eye-Protective Glare Guard
  • Side Air Ventilation
  • D-Ring Clasps 
  • Adjustable Bungee Fit System
  • Unisex Ponytail Vent


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Austin Lowder
(941) 662 0351

Marketing & PR

Barret Fairbanks
(305) 791 5249

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