Riff Masks

The Riff Mask



The Riff Mask is a revolutionary two-piece, technical sun hood designed for those who work and play outdoors. The mask's utility is in its full-coverage sun protection, breathability, and comfortable fit, each a result of novel technical design.

Made of custom double-layered UPF 32 fabric, the Riff Mask is lightweight, breathable and built to last. Rare earth magnets secure the face covering for easy use, while the built-in glare guard reduces light and protects sunglasses from fogging. Shapeable wire alloys in the nose piece and side air vents along with bungee systems on the rim and around the head make the Riff Mask totally customizable to anyone's specific needs and preferences. 

  • Double-layered UPF 32 fabric protects against sun exposure, wind, and insects
  • Detachable face cover secured by rare earth magnets for easy removal
  • Side air ventilation allows air to pass through the mask
  • Bendable nose piece molds to face
  • Side and back bungees offer a secure fit
  • Glare guard reduces light and fogging sunglasses
  • Lightweight polyester blend
  • Machine washable

Size Guide:

Measure around your forehead with a tape measure just above your eyebrows.

Size in Inches

Riff Size

19" - 21"


21" - 22"


22" - 24"